Taking The ICAI to the Next Level : A Leader’s Vision

As with the sweeping changes, The ICAI has progressed steadily into the new millennium.

With a vision to server our alma mater and take it to the Next level of Excellence, CA Patodia Sunil Kumar is keen in taking up The ICAI to the next level by adopting the latest Digital Technology to make the entire organization and its services easily accessible to all the stake holders across India and the Globe, increase transparency and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Today with the strength of over 3,00,000 dynamic members, and a significant presence of women members.

CA Patodia Sunil Kumar

This includes about 50000 young members, registered during the last decade, with a yearning to become high caliber professionals. This energetic and ingenious pool of talent is under utilised. To get the best out of this pool of talent, their skills should be identified, properly developed and productively chanelised. This will help in personal growth of such young members and overall growth of our profession.

Our Institute has undertaken many proactive initiatives to empower the members, specially the new ones and those in small and medium CA firms. CA Patodia Sunil Kumar envision at developing holistic eco-system where members can be groomed into seasoned professional and can be equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

With a strong belief upon young member friends having sharp and agile minds, CA Patodia Sunil Kumar aims to motivate and empower these intrinsic strengths to take our profession to the pinnacle of growth. It can only be accomplished with dedication, determination and unflinching commitment in pursuit of growth and excellence. He is of the view that; We all, together, can make a significant contribution towards the vision of India as a $5 trillion economy.

CA Patodia Sunil Kumar is determined to take up the mandate to spearhead the vision he has for the alma mater empowering members of our fraternity, and gearing up his agenda to take the ICAI to the next level of Excellence. Few from his many attainable agenda are:

  • To enhance the role and recognition of The ICAI, Globally.
  • Optimal utilization of The ICAI Infrastructure.
  • Promoting CA as multitalented professionals i.e. as – Entrepreneurs / Authors / Research Enthusiasts / Idea Generators.
  • Building greater affinity with Government bodies and Other Regulators.
  • Greater use of technology and digitization to keep pace with the everchanging business environment.
  • Revamping the curriculum and introducing a host of specialized and industry specific courses along with enhancement of mentoring program.
  • To Encourage and Support the new members to share knowledge and explore new avenues for professional growth.
  • Empowering small and medium practitioners particularly in small towns.

A leader who has the potential to view the present and to invent a future; who moulds, interprets, communicates and represents the VISION – CA Patodia Sunil Kumar.

With the will and determination to work for the CA fraternity, the ICAI and our nation at large, CA Patodia Sunil Kumar, Ballot Serial No. 17, is contesting the ICAI Central Council Election this year. May his diligence, commitment and expertise lead the way!

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